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The most popular type of packaging box is the folding box

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The most popular type of packaging box is the folding box

Among the most popular and common types of packaging boxes in life is the folding box. It is for this reason that the folding packaging box is so popular. It saves a lot of transportation and storage costs during transportation and storage. As a result of these advantages, many industries are increasingly relying on folding packaging boxes.

 Folding Box

Cost-saving transportation

Small-batch packaging boxes and short-distance transportation should be saved at a very low cost. Many economically developed countries, however, find it very expensive to produce packaging boxes in their own countries because of labor and material costs. In China and Southeast Asia, many brands will therefore choose to customize packaging boxes. 

The folding packaging box is often customized by brands to reduce transportation costs and transportation space when face with high transportation costs.One of the most important advantages of folding gift boxes is that after folding, the volume of the packaging box is very small, which can help save valuable storage space. In contrast, a non-foldable packaging box of the same size can hold dozens of folding packaging boxes.

Applications of Folding Boxes

Therefore, the folding gift box is suitable for packaging with many industries. In our daily lives, we are all familiar with the folding boxes used for e-commerce. E-commerce shipments are very large, such as Amazon and eBay, and the size of the shipping box varies based on the product that is purchased by the customer. As a result, if all non-foldable packaging boxes are used, it will lead to a waste of storage space.

Folding Magnetic Gift Box

In addition to transportation boxes, folding boxes are also used for a variety of products that do not require pre-installation, such as clothing packaging, cosmetic packaging, gift packaging boxes, and luxury packaging boxes, among others. As a result of the folding packaging box, there is no need for pre-installed products, and the storage costs can be decreased because there will be no need to purchase pre-installed products.

The reason why a box type can be popular is because it has its own unique advantages. Luxury rigid folding boxes are often used by industries such as e-commerce, clothing, cosmetics, and gifts because they can reduce the transportation and storage costs by a lot.

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