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Flower Box And Rose Box

Customized flower boxes for your products and impressions to last longer

Nothing says ‘elegance’ like a bespoke print finish or intricate design that gives your packaging a distinctive, state-of-the-art look. Projecting your brand’s image onto such details is a strategy that cannot be beaten. The same is true for extending the beauty of your flower arrangements or types of rose blooms to the boxes they come in. But we aren’t here to just boast a range of colors and styles for wholesale rose boxes. We are committed to helping you make a statement with your products. Made of cardboard and customized with printing, flower boxes are inexpensive but worth their weight in gold when it comes to distinguishing your brand or business. Remember, using various printed box ideas and messages to create personal connections with your clients goes a long way. A great product isn’t just a purchase — it’s an experience. The top-selling things out there wouldn’t be as popular if it weren’t for the perfectly curated experiences they deliver and the inspiration behind each.

Best options from our rose box flower packaging factory in China

It all starts here: the special vibe of your flower shop, the exclusive look of your products, and your brand image of quality that is to be enjoyed in every detail. With our OEM services, you can get an awesome flower box wholesale deal for your business that brings your packaging ideas to life. In addition to images, quotes, or messages that inspire customers, we can do the embossing and debossing to give your designs or logo a stunning 3D look.


The ‘you name it – we print it’ rose box supplier is the ultimate magic wand every flower business needs. Dongguan Xianda Packaging is your reliable partner for creating customized boxes that:

● Hold up well to handling and transportation

● Keep fragile blooms safe and fresh

● Promote your unique brand identity

● Make the end user feel extra special

Dress your gorgeous blooms in the most beautifully designed gowns to give them an exclusive, red-carpet look! While attention spans keep getting shorter, customized flower boxes are a wonderful asset providing a sizable return on investment. They make a great and lasting impression, helping you connect with your customers on a deeper level.


Dongguan Xianda Packaging offers unlimited customization options to reach your design goals. Just contact our experts to find out what could work best for you.