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The new Collapsible Rigid Box or Folding Rigid Box

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-07-13      Origin: Site Inquire

The new Collapsible Rigid Box or Folding Rigid Box

The purpose of this article is to introduce a new type of collapsible rigid box (foldable rigid boxes or foldable setup box), which is flat shipped to save warehouse fees and shipping costs.


In recent months, sea freight costs have increased rapidly due to the spread of Coronavirus. There is at least a six- or seven-fold increase in the cost of a 40GP container to LA port compared to two years ago. A few foldable rigid boxes are developed to reduce the goods volume to reduce the extrac costs incurred by sea freight. When the goods volume is reduced, the unit item delivery costs can be decreased.


This foldable rigid box comes with two foldable flaps that can be folded to form the inner part of the custom paper box. The round magnets are embedded inside the greyboard, so the boards can be stuck together. The closure of the foldable rigid boxes containsagnets as well to seal it. To make it easier for the customer to open the box, it has a ribbon pull.

folding box (9)

The paper box in the above image represents the rigid setup box in its flat state. The box can be folded in half in the middle, then put inside a small corrugated carton box.

The paperboard that is used to make this gift box is a very special one, which makes it a very luxurious gift box. There is a patterned or textured paper with gold color effect on the outside of the card. To create the gold-shinning effect inside the foldable rigid boxes, we used metallic gold paper. The foldable rigid boxes also has a pink ribbon pull on the front panel for easy opening.

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