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The features of effective toy packaging boxes

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Custom Toys Packaging Boxes

Aspects of Effective Toy Packaging


All custom game packaging must be durable and not tear or break. During transport, packages can go through a lot of pressure, tosses, and turns, which can damage toys. PVC, hard plastic covers will keep them safe in their packaging.


Toy companies should pack their products so that nobody can take them out, steal them from the shop or damage them while they are in the packaging because nobody likes to receive a toy that has been used and tampered with.

Carton Puzzle Box Set

Adding Color:

Toy wrapping is designed to captivate target audiences, and graphic designers play an important role in that process. Usually the back has details of the product, while the front has colorful graphics and the toy in real-life situations.


In children's custom game packaging, manipulative packaging has proven to be very effective. Customers like to play with them and see what sounds or lights they can play. These features are essential when making selections and enable high sales.

Which Types Of Packaging Are Available For Toys?

Blister Packaging

It's very common for pharmaceutical companies to use blister packaging to store and pack pills, as it is flexible, sturdy, and safe. The blister is sealed with the pill inside a cardboard or foil backing that has a pill shape on it. For toys, a mold is made around which the plastic is molded so the toy fits snugly into it, and then it is sealed with a vacuum sealing machine, making it difficult to break or tamper with it.

Because the plastic is transparent, the customers can see the shape, color, and details of the product inside. This is the most popular type of customized game cover for children.

Toys Packaging Boxes

Clamshell Packaging

These are basically two pieces of plastic that are joined at either end with a hinge and at one end with snap tabs, tape or pressure sensitive seals. They are basically like two pieces of plastic that come together like a clamshell and enclose the product inside. In any case, the packaging is completely tamper and damage resistant as it uses hard plastic and the way it closes makes it hard to open. One requires scissors to open the packaging.

Plastic Sheet On Cardboar Packaging

In addition to cardboard, another type of custom toy packaging is cardboard that is printed with attractive pictures of the toy, its brand, and its details. Plastic sheets are attached to the empty side of cartons to reveal the toy. To make the packaging easier for kids to open and more colorful, one can insert molded foam or secure it with wires for security. This enables the customer to see the item inside. As for security, one can insert molded foam or secure the toy with wires.

Cardboard Toy Packaging

The packaging uses only toy box printing, no transparent PVC sheets. All of the information is printed on the packet, which is securely closed at both ends. You can imagine it as a cereal box. The advantage of it is that it is environmentally friendly, lightweight, and is a cheaper option to print customized toy boxes.

Depending on the nature of the product, the budget allocated for packaging, and the organization's stance on sustainability and the environment, the packaging of toys can be chosen. When all of these factors are considered, as well as your target audience, selecting custom toy box packaging is easier.

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