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Drawer Pre Roll Cigarette Box

Made using the best corrugated material, Corrugated materials offer a variety of high-quality printing capabilities for your artwork design and plenty of finishing options to achieve the exact aesthetic you desire.

Product Description

Custom designed lightweight cigarette case

Tobacco lovers and smokers are always interested in buying something special, different and unique. A company cannot use tobacco products to sell unless it tries different and unique concepts in the market, related to taste or even custom cigarettes or packs. So, that's why we're here! For many years, our brand, The Cigarette Boxes, has been making Cigarette Boxes in different styles, with unique structures and different materials.

One of the most popular boxes now is made of brown paper, which is actually light but very strong enough to keep the product safe inside. Our goal is to provide modern and design-oriented paper cigarette cartons that not only provide unique value to the cigarette brand, but also become your company's hallmark.

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