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How To Choose A Packaging Carton? Please Pay Attention To These Points!

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When choosing a packaging carton, you must first clarify your needs. Packaging cartons are divided into many types, such as corrugated cartons, honeycomb cartons, single-layer cardboard cartons, etc. Different packaging cartons have different uses. We need to transport and pack according to the goods we transport. Choose the right packaging carton.

To judge the quality of the packaging carton, it is necessary to observe the material of thepackaging carton. The quality of the packaging carton is different. We can observe from the outside whether the material is turbid, the material with debris is still relatively clean and the texture is relatively strong. We can observe the material.

Check whether the various indicators of the packaging carton meet the standards, such as the compression resistance, side pressure, adhesive strength, and transportation shock resistance of the packaging carton. These are the basic requirements for qualified cartons. We can use these standards to determine whether the carton meets our requirements.

Finally, consider and observe the moisture-proof performance of the packaging carton. This is an important function of the packaging carton. If the packaging carton is susceptible to moisture, it will not only affect the quality of our stored products, but also cause a lot of unnecessary losses.

Have you learned how to choose a packaging carton? We need to consider all factors to choose the packaging carton that meets our requirements. 

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