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A Complete Guide to Subscription Box Packaging

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A gift is usually only given on a special occasion such as a birthday, wedding, or graduation. Subscription box packaging deliver at set intervals (e.g. once a month, once every three months) and mimic the same feeling of suspense and joy as receiving a gift.

By curating products according to the customer's preferences, subscription box packaging create a positive retailer-customer relationship. Whether you want clothes or plants, for males or females, there is a subscription package for you.

The first thing you should do before you start building your subscription box packaging is determine what your brand will represent and what products you will include. Educate your customers and show them what your brand is all about through a positive message. By setting high standards for your box, you will be able to launch orders. Try to market your box differently than your competitors to make it stand out.

Get a better understanding of subscription box packaging by following these six fundamentals.

1 - Box Types

The advantage of custom packaging is that your brand's style can be portrayed through the look and feel of the box. When creating your own subscription box, consider these common options!

Mailer Boxes


Subscription box packaging are best suited for mailer boxes since they are durable. Their corrugated cardboard material makes them better for shipping and handling products. Any custom size and design is possible on mailer boxes.

Folding Carton Boxes

cosmetic box (180)

In addition to having tuck flaps on one or both ends of the box, folding carton boxes are ideal for storing lightweight items. Beauty tools, food, and candles are the best items to store in these boxes. Choosing folding carton boxes is a great option if you are shipping out different products in one subscription box packaging. Shipping them out in an external carton (such as a shipping box or mailer box) will protect them during transit.

Rigid Boxes

cosmetic (2)

Luxurious rigid boxes are better suited for high-end, fragile, or heavy items. In a 2-piece lid and base rigid box or a magnetic closure box, these boxes are the epitome of high-end packaging. If you are shipping these rigid boxes, you will need to pack them in a shipping box or mailer box.

2 - Enhancements To Packaging

Packaging is just as important as product placement. Packaging should be pleasing to the eye and not too cluttered. These packaging enhancements can elevate the unboxing experience.

Custom Box Inserts


Inlays are used to secure products in place so they are not tossed around during shipping. Inserts keep products secure in place and make subscription boxes look great when customers open them. Your subscription box insert will be moulded to fit the shape of your products. Gift sets, candles, bottles, beauty tools, and even heavy products can be placed in them.

Custom Box Dividers


The dividers in the box allow each item to be separated. Based on the number of items that will fit in each compartment, you can customize the size. Besides separating food and drinks, box dividers can also be used to organize clothes, stationery, and other accessories.

We recommend going for custom box dividers instead of custom inserts if you sell subscription boxes with different curated products each month, especially if the size of each item will be different from box to box.

Custom Stickers


Custom stickers are a fun way to personalize your box. You can use them to seal your subscription box, seal tissue paper wrapping your products, or give them away as swag.  

Tissue Paper


The way tissue paper is wrapped can embellish the product, or it can fill up the space inside the box. Fragile items are also protected by them. There are tissues around bar soaps, clothes, and glass bottles, among other things.  

3 - Shipping

Your efforts have gone into acquiring customers, curating products, and creating beautiful packaging. Subscription boxes must now be shipped to customers - the final crucial step.

Subscription boxes, and the products inside, should be protected during shipping and transit. Your customers don't want their products to arrive broken, scratched, or unusable.

Mailer boxes and shipping cartons are the most common types of shipping boxes. During transit, these boxes have corrugation to cushion the contents. During shipping, make sure your boxes are sealed shut with tape or stickers to prevent cracking.

For small garments or clothing, polymailers may be a better shipping option if they aren't fragile. The lightweight nature of polymailers saves you money on shipping.

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